ArcheAge Informal meeting of players in St. Petersburg

We hasten to inform several good news for residents of St. Petersburg and guests of this magnificent city! The aboriginal of them – ArcheAge Gold will yield allotment in one of the a lot of absorbing challenge of this summer – Anniversary VKontakte. Administration admiral will be present at the accident on 18 July. If you are planning to appear the anniversary – consistently appear to the play area! Tickets can be purchased on their own or win in our contest.

In addition, the July breezy affair of admirers of the activity aswell will be captivated in St. Petersburg! All are arrive to absorb time in the balmy aggregation of like-minded, to acquaint with the aggregation of administrators and to accept gifts. Past accident in the city-limits was great, and we are abiding – we can cautiously achievement that this time will be even better.

Date of the affair – July 19th. Please participate in the poll in the appointment and assurance up for challenge in the amusing arrangement “VKontakte” if you plan to come. You can aswell action a acceptable area or leave acknowledgment about the account of added players. Do not overlook that the academy have to accommodated the afterward conditions:

the most convenient location;

the ability to accommodate a large number of people;

average bill should not exceed 1000 rubles.

Please note that the event is for players over 18 years old.

We remind you that anyone can organize a similar meeting on their own. Until July 15, continuing competition “fun together,” in which all the participants the best of the conducted activities await gifts! All details can be found at


Maintenance Work on July 9 Over Casket Sales of Celestial Mechanics

We are pleased to announce that soon, maintenance work began on July 9 urn sales in celestial mechanics. Don’t miss the opportunity, try your luck, become the only owner of the project using secret knowledge Ernarda library back to the ancient world.

In the world since the ancient centuries glider, anyone can try free flight. But the wonderful world of science and technology is not static – this is very important to the existence of the car is not only simple, but its appearance, function and special skills. Mechanical expedition in the library of the secret files found in an ancient painting – followed him, they can make the glider “star rangers.” It not only has the unique ability, but it is also an incredible beauty – it’s wings stretch starry night sky, and to attract people’s eyes.

Feng shui expedition ulterior motives make him proud found – in fact do not need to load the geode heating smouldering log. You can burn wood or determine the real akhiuma type and collection. To find out what is the geodes there, it is necessary to put on a farm, and wait, until it apart.

This kind of high quality nursery stock akhiumnogo trees do not need to be from the original water mineral water geysers in mainland. When the tree grows, you can reduce it, or determine its level, and collect the corresponding akhium type.

The cost of the 25 crystallization – urn. In addition, a growing number of coffin can be purchased at a discount. For example, 30 units will cost you 525 crystal.

We remind you, with the help of the “token 150 crystal”, you can buy, not only on the Internet, and the other characters. Find the sale and purchase of its game gold: the generated crystals can cost including celestial mechanics box!

For more inforation, will upgrade soon, stay here for new informations and Cheapest ArcheAge Gold, to let become conspicuous, we glad to see you referring archeagep to your friends with our bonus.

Fun Together Continues in ArcheAge

Fun Together Continues in ArcheAge

Summer is in abounding beat – it’s time to accumulate with accompany and to accept rest. We allure you to amalgamate business with amusement and yield allotment in the “fun together,” which will endure until July 15 inclusive. Coberite in the city-limits admirers ArcheAge, absorb time in the balmy amphitheater of accompany and forward us a address of the accident to yield allotment in the action for abundant prizes – Azuriona volkopsa and puppies!

Terms of the contest:

arrange a meeting in the city of players ArcheAge – from 20 people and more;

Write a text report about the event and attach a link to the photos published in the Cloud service Mail.Ru;

in the photographs must be clearly visible nickname and server each participant – for example, written on the label that the player holds (this is necessary for the calculation of prizes);

Records should not violate the forum rules and laws of the Russian Federation;

It is accepted in a special forum thread until July 15 inclusive;

three event organizers who sent the best reports will be presented Azuriona with full armor, and the participants of the meetings – for puppy volkopsa for everyone;

and the author of the most interesting report we will come to visit and arrange another meeting players in his city – with the administration of the competition program and gifts!

Venue and age limits you can choose to your taste: to go on a picnic or get together with friends in a cozy pub – your imagination is unlimited. Make this party really fun!

More details are set to arrive later in just stay here.

Racing Riders on the Barrels will Be Completed Soon in ArcheAge

Racing Riders on the Barrels will Be Completed Soon in ArcheAge

We accelerate to admonish you that the aboriginal allotment of the summer festival, antagonism riders on the drums, advancing to an end! This bold accident will end with the alpha of aliment plan on July 2nd.

If you accept not had time to analysis their backbone and yield allotment in the festival, you can do so by traveling to the roaring avalanche at the area “The rolling passes.” Before the chance do not overlook to apprehend the data about the event, appear earlier.

Immediately afterwards the chase you will acquisition the next allotment of the events. It will endure from 2 to 16 July, and the advice about its advance will be appear alone in the account the day of launch. Even added fun and opportunities to get tokens summer festival!

Awards of the aboriginal date of the accident – alcohol with benign effects, the appellation of a appropriate addition on a butt and swimwear – will be accessible for acquirement above-mentioned to aliment plan on 16 July. Afterwards the anniversary boutique will be removed. Be abiding to barter tokens for the appropriate things in advance! will upgrade more information, just stay here.

Every Resident ArcheAge Wants Soak Up the Beach Long Spit

Every Resident ArcheAge Wants Soak Up the Beach Long SpitEvery citizen ArcheAge Gold wants from time to time to absorb up the bank Long Spit, to pay accolade to expertly able cocktails, adore wellness treatments and he adopted the blow of the allowances offered by the resort. Enterprising gift, altogether acquainted of the adulation of the added contest for a affable pastime, absitively to adapt the donated about all lovers of leisure biking and tourism. To allure the resorts hypochondriac adventurers, blue-skinned businessmen absitively to ask for advice from the accomplished writers who can actualize a abundant brochure, which accept been declared all the a lot of absorbing places in the region, are the above attractions and monuments.

Sly allowance actual captious and do not intend to allotment acquirement with the creators clumsy fliers, and accordingly put advanced altitude to be met by the plan of applicants.

This album should not be added than 2000 characters with spaces. Try to allocution about the a lot of acclaimed places of the called location.

Your conception have to be illustrated by several screenshots, categorical on the arena that you are describing. They can be candy in a cartoon editor or to hotlink with the argument to actualize a accurate page prospectus.

You can decorate your job drawings, if necessary for the implementation of your ideas.

One party take no more than three works.

Reception of works will last from June 24 to July 8 19:00 MSK.

The authors of the five best brochures will be rewarded with souvenirs with symbols of the game and a great set of prizes to choose from.

Finally, archeagep want tell you that maintenance work will not be available all game servers in June 25 from 7:00 to 13:00 Moscow time, but the end time is indicative and may be modified. You can take part in the competition during the maintenance work, held in our community in the social network “VKontakte”. Test your strength, perform a simple task and win in-game prizes.