Maintenance Work on July 9 Over Casket Sales of Celestial Mechanics

We are pleased to announce that soon, maintenance work began on July 9 urn sales in celestial mechanics. Don’t miss the opportunity, try your luck, become the only owner of the project using secret knowledge Ernarda library back to the ancient world.

In the world since the ancient centuries glider, anyone can try free flight. But the wonderful world of science and technology is not static – this is very important to the existence of the car is not only simple, but its appearance, function and special skills. Mechanical expedition in the library of the secret files found in an ancient painting – followed him, they can make the glider “star rangers.” It not only has the unique ability, but it is also an incredible beauty – it’s wings stretch starry night sky, and to attract people’s eyes.

Feng shui expedition ulterior motives make him proud found – in fact do not need to load the geode heating smouldering log. You can burn wood or determine the real akhiuma type and collection. To find out what is the geodes there, it is necessary to put on a farm, and wait, until it apart.

This kind of high quality nursery stock akhiumnogo trees do not need to be from the original water mineral water geysers in mainland. When the tree grows, you can reduce it, or determine its level, and collect the corresponding akhium type.

The cost of the 25 crystallization – urn. In addition, a growing number of coffin can be purchased at a discount. For example, 30 units will cost you 525 crystal.

We remind you, with the help of the “token 150 crystal”, you can buy, not only on the Internet, and the other characters. Find the sale and purchase of its game gold: the generated crystals can cost including celestial mechanics box!

For more inforation, will upgrade soon, stay here for new informations and Cheapest ArcheAge Gold, to let become conspicuous, we glad to see you referring archeagep to your friends with our bonus.



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