Every Resident ArcheAge Wants Soak Up the Beach Long Spit

Every Resident ArcheAge Wants Soak Up the Beach Long SpitEvery citizen ArcheAge Gold wants from time to time to absorb up the bank Long Spit, to pay accolade to expertly able cocktails, adore wellness treatments and he adopted the blow of the allowances offered by the resort. Enterprising gift, altogether acquainted of the adulation of the added contest for a affable pastime, absitively to adapt the donated about all lovers of leisure biking and tourism. To allure the resorts hypochondriac adventurers, blue-skinned businessmen absitively to ask for advice from the accomplished writers who can actualize a abundant brochure, which accept been declared all the a lot of absorbing places in the region, are the above attractions and monuments.

Sly allowance actual captious and do not intend to allotment acquirement with the creators clumsy fliers, and accordingly put advanced altitude to be met by the plan of applicants.

This album should not be added than 2000 characters with spaces. Try to allocution about the a lot of acclaimed places of the called location.

Your conception have to be illustrated by several screenshots, categorical on the arena that you are describing. They can be candy in a cartoon editor or to hotlink with the argument to actualize a accurate page prospectus.

You can decorate your job drawings, if necessary for the implementation of your ideas.

One party take no more than three works.

Reception of works will last from June 24 to July 8 19:00 MSK.

The authors of the five best brochures will be rewarded with souvenirs with symbols of the game and a great set of prizes to choose from.

Finally, archeagep want tell you that maintenance work will not be available all game servers in June 25 from 7:00 to 13:00 Moscow time, but the end time is indicative and may be modified. You can take part in the competition during the maintenance work, held in our community in the social network “VKontakte”. Test your strength, perform a simple task and win in-game prizes.



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